Update | March 24th, 2022

If you are reading this, then I am currently cycling somewhere on the West Coast between Vancouver and the end of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. This bikepacking trip that should last between 3-4 months and over 5600 km (3500 miles), carrying everything I need with me on the bike. I’ll be writing about my … Read more

What is a Portable Power Station?

This article was written for a potential client with the following parameters in mind: Topic (and main KW): what is a portable power station Technical requirements Internal links What To CoverHere’s what you need to do in your article: How We Evaluate Your WorkYour article will be evaluated based on: Whether you are currently building … Read more

The End (for now)

I’ve been in Los Angeles now for over a week. If you didn’t catch my last post on here, COVID hit me hard at the last campsite before arriving in the city, and I’ve been doing a quarantine ever since. I lucked out big time with places to crash. My little sister lives in the … Read more

Day 42 – Los Angeles

After a much-needed rest day, I wake up the following morning and get packing my things. There are two campsites on the way to Ventura: Carpinteria State Beach and Emma Wood State Beach. I’ve heard great things about both. Depending on how much time I spend checking out Santa Barbara on the way will determine … Read more

Day 38 – Refugio State Beach

Towards sunset, about five more cyclists come rolling into Pfeiffer Big Sur. There are about eight of us all camping at the hiker/biker campsite and I already know it’s going to be a loud night. Peter buys some firewood, and just like that everyone is sharing stories and good energy until midnight. I wake up … Read more

Day 34 – Pfeiffer Big Sur (and a giant recap)

I’m currently sitting in my first campground in the famous Big Sur area of the California coast after a week in San Francisco and a couple of days in Santa Cruz. You may be thinking, “Well your last post was on Day 30, so how does that make sense chronologically?” When I started this trip … Read more

Day 30 – Arriving into San Francisco

Day 28 on the bike, which happens to be a Saturday, ends up as the best day of the trip so far. I start my day at Stillwater Cove Regional Park. I cycle up 600 feet of super steep vertical cliffside, with the road right on the edge. The tailwinds are strong, the fog rolls … Read more

Day 27 – Stillwater Cove Regional Park

These last few days are a whirlwind of cycling in sunny weather and meeting wonderful people. After a few rough days of weather in Humboldt County, California, I arrange to stay at a Warm Showers host for a night, mainly to recharge my social batteries and meet some cool people. Sam and Janelle host me, … Read more

Day 23 – Humboldt State Park

I wake up for the day at 6 AM. Even though the weather called for a beautiful sunny day, there is a thick fog and all my gear is extremely wet with the morning dew. Even with all the rain the past two weeks, my tent is the soggiest it’s ever been as I put … Read more

Day 22 – Outside of Arcata, CA

Over the past few days, I manage to make some slow progress in more rain and hail as I cross into California. Crossing the border into California, I have no idea how the state parks and campgrounds function. The information online is little and usually outdated, and nobody answers the phone at any of the … Read more