Day 16 – Bullards Beach

The past five days are a blur. I lose count of the number of times different hail storms pass through. I start each day with wet socks and wet boots. Everything is soaked. The rain doesn’t stop for more than a half-hour at a time. I knew this was coming. Last Sunday, the forecast simply … Read more

Day 11 – Nehalem Bay

Today is a rest day. Both physically and mentally, I need a day to recharge the batteries and get a better outlook on things. A day to reset my brain and get going tomorrow with a lot of good energy. A res(e)t day… I like the sound of that. I start my morning by meeting … Read more

Day 9 – Bruceport

Today brings a new wave of energy, and I find myself changing my route for a more direct shot to the Oregon coast. It’s time to get out of these backcountry roads filled with tons of logging trucks and no shoulders. I’ve been in a rather negative mood about cycling in traffic since a couple … Read more

Day 4 – Port Townsend

I really do end up starting the day with two coffees. I had no luck getting my sleeping pad’s issues diagnosed, but I pack it up and try not to think about it. Yesterday, I spoke with a Warm Showers host named Lys who lives in Port Townsend. She told me that I have a … Read more

Day 3 – Deception Pass

I take the next couple of days a little calmer. 80 km was too much for me to begin. It looks like today will be around 50 km, however I still haven’t figured out how to map out the distance of sections of the GPX files that I am following. Google Maps says 45 km, … Read more

Day 1 – Vancouver to Birch Bay

Leaving Bea and Felipe’s apartment, I plan to make it across the border into Washington. I remember reading that it should take about 50-70 km to get to Birch Bay State Park in northern Washington. Easy enough for a first day! Little did I know that I would be traveling through the industrial neighborhoods of … Read more

Vancouver: Getting Ready

Thursday afternoon, I arrive into the Vancouver International Airport. I quickly call an Uber to take me to the family from Warm Showers that graciously agreed to host me for a few days while I put my bike together before starting my journey. Crispin, Natasja, and their 18-year-old son Ben welcome me like family. Even … Read more

Update | May 2nd, 2021

I’m currently back in the United States settled for the time being in Virginia, where I grew up. It feels weird to move back here after eight years of living in other places, but I’m very excited. I left Brazil in April and spent a couple weeks visiting family in Florida and Illinois. I finally … Read more

Update | November 11th, 2020

It’s been months since my last update! I took the time during quarantine to get off social media and focus on real-life things with fewer distractions. I started (and recently sold) a kombucha business called Bold. I developed recipes, secured wholesale clients, and attempted to change people’s hesitancy towards this stereotypically “vinegary” drink by developing … Read more

Roasting Consultation | Abuela Café

Towards the end of March 2021, I spent a week working with Giancarlo Curti of Abuela Café to get his first coffee roasts designed and ready for sale. Abuela Café is based in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. It was my first time venturing to the very southern tip of Brazil. The weather was … Read more