Update | March 29th, 2020

Probably like you, I am currently at home practicing social distancing during this COVID-19 craziness. My heart goes out to all of the countries and people that have been affected by this. About a week ago, widespread concern about the virus finally occurred in Brazil, causing businesses to shut down and people to stay inside. … Read more

Update | January 10th, 2020

I am currently in Belo Horizonte, Brazil – my new home. I officially moved here at the start of the year to start a new job as a coffee roaster with OOP Café. I spent a month doing a kind of internship with OOP before going to Colombia to ride motorcycles and meet with coffee … Read more

Colombia vs. Brazil: A Coffee Overview

Colombia and Brazil are two of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world. While I live in Brazil, I recently spent 1.5 months in Colombia exploring the coffee culture in cities and visiting farms in the north and center of the country, where I roasted and cupped lots of different coffee samples. Even though they … Read more

Holidays with LaREB

This past August when I was in France, I met a Colombian coffee roaster named Carlos who took time out of his day to show me around his roastery and talk all things coffee. He told me about an amazing collective of specialty coffee farmers called La Real Expedición Botánica (LaREB), led by a man … Read more

Northern Colombia on a Motorcycle

Before coming to Colombia, I knew I wanted to mix in some water sports, beautiful scenery, sunrise hikes, and at least a day on a motorcycle during my month here. Little did I know that I would do all of this and more on an incredible motorcycle trip through the northern coast of Colombia for … Read more

Semana Internacional do Café

November 20th-22nd, 2019… three super busy days at the Semana Internacional do Café (International Coffee Week) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. (From here on out, I will refer to the fair as “SIC” for short.) SIC was an incredible event, and I am super grateful to have experienced it the way I did. SIC is an … Read more

Update | October 16th, 2019

After about a month of visiting lots of different coffee farms throughout two different states of Brazil, trying over 100 coffees, and spending time with Rafa Marques at Café Arq learning about how small specialty coffee producers are connected with green coffee buyers, I have moved back to Belo Horizonte. You can read the above … Read more

Roasting with OOP

For 30 days during the months of October and November 2019, I completed a roasting internship with OOP (a coffee shop/roastery) in Belo Horizonte. This was a special opportunity graciously provided by Tiago Damasceno, co-owner and roastmaster of OOP. What does “OOP” mean? Turns out it’s Afrikaans for “open”. Check out the cafés website to … Read more

Friendly Reminder

You know people are going to ask you to do something when the sentence starts: “This is a friendly reminder to…” I’ve received lots of these texts and emails over the years. Obviously, these sentences usually come from someone asking for a favor. Whether that’s asking you to get out and vote, buy a product, … Read more

How to store, grind, and brew your new coffee.

If you just received an amazing bag of coffee (or one is arriving soon) and you are worried about how to prepare and store your coffee, then this article is for you! Just so you know, if you decide to click on and buy any of the products linked below, I may earn a small … Read more