Day 9 – Bruceport

Today brings a new wave of energy, and I find myself changing my route for a more direct shot to the Oregon coast. It’s time to get out of these backcountry roads filled with tons of logging trucks and no shoulders. I’ve been in a rather negative mood about cycling in traffic since a couple … Read more

Day 4 – Port Townsend

I really do end up starting the day with two coffees. I had no luck getting my sleeping pad’s issues diagnosed, but I pack it up and try not to think about it. Yesterday, I spoke with a Warm Showers host named Lys who lives in Port Townsend. She told me that I have a … Read more

Day 3 – Deception Pass

I take the next couple of days a little calmer. 80 km was too much for me to begin. It looks like today will be around 50 km, however I still haven’t figured out how to map out the distance of sections of the GPX files that I am following. Google Maps says 45 km, … Read more

Day 1 – Vancouver to Birch Bay

Leaving Bea and Felipe’s apartment, I plan to make it across the border into Washington. I remember reading that it should take about 50-70 km to get to Birch Bay State Park in northern Washington. Easy enough for a first day! Little did I know that I would be traveling through the industrial neighborhoods of … Read more

Vancouver: Getting Ready

Thursday afternoon, I arrive into the Vancouver International Airport. I quickly call an Uber to take me to the family from Warm Showers that graciously agreed to host me for a few days while I put my bike together before starting my journey. Crispin, Natasja, and their 18-year-old son Ben welcome me like family. Even … Read more