Part 1: Visiting Origin | Sítio Vargem Grande

During the last week of September 2019, I spent my days living with and shadowing the work of a family of specialty coffee producers at Sítio Vargem Grande in Minas Gerais. Tida, Alípio, and their son Renato welcomed me – a complete stranger – into their home for five days to learn about where coffee … Read more

What is Specialty Coffee?

Specialty coffee. What makes it special? Is this just a new way to refer to coffee to make customers pay more? Coffee is just coffee after all, right? I disagree. Specialty coffee is so much more, and I hope to show you why with this article. Put simply, specialty coffee is high-quality coffee. Starting with … Read more

Coffee Farm Visit in Capitólio

I was recently talking with a new friend I met in Brazil about my desire to study coffee. A few weeks prior, he had met a Brazilian by the name of Henrique Soares living in the small city of Capitólio, Minas Gerais, whose family has several coffee farms in the area dating back to the … Read more

Coffee Resume

Alexander DeCapriFrom the USA | Currently in South America | Available to Travel Worldwide Biography Hello! I am currently traveling the world in a pursuit to study everything about coffee and gain firsthand experience… from green coffee and roasting to brewing and sensory skills. In the future, I would like to become a Q-Grader and … Read more

How It All Started

The (brief) story about how I got started in this world of specialty coffee. It all started with a workshop from OOP Café in Belo Horizonte called Conheça Seu Café, which means “Know Your Coffee” in Portuguese. While I had been visiting cafés around the world for a little over a year, trying various filtered coffees with different … Read more

Roasting Course with Coffee Lab

From September 2nd to September 9th, 2019, I took an intensive roasting course at Isabela Raposeiras’ Coffee Lab: a fusion between a coffee shop, roastery, and school. Coffee Lab is located in the neighborhood of Vila Madalena in São Paulo, Brazil. Marking my return to Brazil to study coffee, I got started rather quickly with … Read more