Coffee Resume

Alexander DeCapri
From the USA | Currently in South America | Available to Travel Worldwide


Hello! I am currently traveling the world in a pursuit to study everything about coffee and gain firsthand experience… from green coffee and roasting to brewing and sensory skills. In the future, I would like to become a Q-Grader and travel the world to visit coffee farms, have my own roastery/coffee shop, and grow my own coffee plants somewhere special (roasting the beans produced myself).

Coffee Experience

Chemical Principles of Roasting | OOP Café with Verônica Belchior
October 2019 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Verônica Belchior is a licensed Q-Grader with a doctorate degree in coffee, working in the specialty coffee industry since 2009. During this course, I learned more about the chemical processes that happen in roasting and how they change the final cup. Roasting profiles, the Maillard reaction, Strecker degradation, the caramelization of sugars, and different types of acids were all discussed, in addition to two rounds of practical cupping of different roasts of the same coffee.

Roasting Course | Coffee Lab
August 2019 – São Paulo, Brazil

This 6-day course was split into three modules: Introduction to Quality Roasting, Profile Development, and Coffee Blends Development. I studied the operation of drum roasters, roasting theory, problems in roasts, variables involved in profile development and sensory effects, developing profiles based on raw materials and market context, the sensory structure of a quality coffee blend, roasting parameters for espresso and other methods, and buying raw coffee and identifying defects.

Coffee Shop Management Workshop | Coffee Lab with Isabela Raposeiras
August 2019 – São Paulo, Brazil

Taught by licensed Q-Grader and founder of Coffee Lab, Isabela Raposeiras discussed critical points for the success of a coffee shop.

Sensory Analysis Workshop | Hola Coffee & Misión Café
July 2019 – Madrid, Spain

During this workshop, I distinguished aromas in the olfactory phase, practiced identifying basic flavors and types of acidity in coffee, and learned the cupping process for professional tasting and evaluating coffees.

Barista Course | European Bartender School
June 2019 – Rome, Italy

Taught by licensed Q-Grader and authorized SCA trainer Andrea Cremone, this 5-day course covered fundamental barista skills including grinder setting, milk handling, and latte art using professional equipment and espresso machines. In addition, the material from the following SCA modules was taught: Introduction to Coffee, Barista Skills (foundation and intermediate levels), and Brewing (foundation level).

Coffee Preparation Workshop | OOP Café
March 2019 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Explored the effects of changing variables during the preparation of coffee, such as temperature, grain size, extraction time, the ratio of water to coffee, etc., to understand the final result in the cup. Taught by Tiago Damasceno – roaster, barista, and co-founder of OOP Café.


University of Utah | Finance & Entrepreneurship
2013-2017 – Utah, United States of America

While receiving two bachelor’s degrees in both Finance and Entrepreneurship, I also worked with start-ups and in the venture capital industry during my time in Salt Lake City.

Additional Skills

Web Development
Aerial Drone Videography
Writing & Blogging
Social Media

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