Day 3 – Deception Pass

I take the next couple of days a little calmer. 80 km was too much for me to begin. It looks like today will be around 50 km, however I still haven’t figured out how to map out the distance of sections of the GPX files that I am following. Google Maps says 45 km, but that of course isn’t following my route exactly.

I end up going through some more not-so-pretty countryside areas filled with oil refineries before stumbling across Bellingham. After lots of straight roads with little turns, this gem of a city had a specialty coffee shop and vegan bakery, saving me from my ever present hunger.

I order an umami bowl, a scone, and a blueberry lime cheesecake frrom Scone Grown (the bakery), and the bowl is honestly the best bowl I’ve ever had in my life. I’m sure my hunger plays a part, but it is seriously delicious. If you are ever in Bellingham, get this bowl from Danny!

To pair with my meal, I also order the largest size chai latte available and an espresso to go. I am full, happy, and read to start pedaling again.

The route quickly turns to bike/hiking paths, another welcome change from asphalt. I follow the gravel “Intercity Trail” above the road, through the lush green PNW trees as I make it to camp in good spirits.

Larrabee State Park is the home for the night, apparently Washington’s first state park. The park rangers give me change for my $20 to pay the fee, and they give me this interesting sticker while laughing… of course I immediately put it on my bike as a good memory to carry around for however long it lasts.

I explore the cliffs on the beach and take in a nice sunset before cooking my basic couscous and lentil dinner.

The next day, I wake up in the rain. I’m not sure how to pack everything up while raining, so I decide to wait a little bitt. Thankfully, it clears up ad turns into a beautiful sunny day. Starting this route in March, I’m bound to get some rainy days. I better get used to it.

My inflatable sleeping pad has had some issues the past two nights. It slowly deflates and I’m forced to wake up every hour or so to inflate it again. Not a big deal last night, since trains were passing by around the same time about 20 meters away. But this is something I will need to fix asap. I can’t find any holes, and I’m not sure what the issue is. The ground is cold!

Today I set out to Deception Pass State Park. I pedal through the scenic Chuckanut area with views of Samish Bay as I go along the cliffside.

The euphoria of riding such a scenic route was what I had my heart set on when beginning this trip. I was quickly brought back to flat farmland with strong cross and headwinds, making progress slow. I ride through a quaint town of Edison, with a microbrewery and a bakery that smells delicious. I need to keep pedaling so continue on without stopping.

The rest of the day is monotonous riding along highways filled with trucks, before heading north in a rather meaningless way to head south again, passing through a suburb where all the houses look the same and are filled with old RVs breaking down and collecting mold.

My attitude shifts. I’m tired, hungry, and just want to sleep. My bike is starting to make some weird creaking noises. I arrive at Deception Pass State Park as the temperature drops and wind picks up. Just in time for another night of 12 hours of sleep woken up every hour to fix the sleeping pad. I’m just thankful it isn’t raining. Today I cycled almost 70 km. I need to take it slower until I get used to this.

Two coffees will be needed to start the day tomorrow. That’s for damn sure.