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If your business has a focus on #vanlife, travel, Brazil, or specialty coffee, you’ve found your next niche content writer!

You are here because you’re looking for an experienced writer to crank out some quality articles or blog posts… someone whose work you don’t have to send back for revisions, worry about typos, or micromanage.

Let me introduce myself. My name’s Alex. I’m a coffee roaster currently traveling in my self-converted van from the USA to Brazil.

In addition to this website, I’ve also started and sold a few authority sites. One was about homebrewing kombucha, and the other was about traveling in Brazil as a foreigner. I enjoy research, writing, and web design.

I’m a generalist at heart (I love learning anything new), but my 4+ years traveling throughout Brazil and working with coffee have given me lots of hands-on experience in those fields.

Plus, I’m writing this from a beach in Baja, Mexico in my house-on-wheels, so I have a lot to contribute to the travel and off-grid living spaces.

In addition to content writing, I offer the following services:

  • SEO writing
  • WordPress management, publishing, and speed boost
  • English to Brazilian Portuguese translations
  • Shopify e-commerce setup and organization

Okay, that’s the end of my pitch. ? You can read more about me here.

Below are some examples of my work. If you like what you see, send me a message and we’ll schedule a time to speak. My email is hi@alexdecapri.com.

Some of my favorite work…

1) BoochLab – Brew Kombucha at Home

I created this custom WordPress affiliate site during the start of COVID-19. I optimized the site to load all pages in under 1 second. Several of the articles ranked within the first 5 results in Google after just a few months of the site going live. I sold the website and all content, which has since been rewritten and formatted differently on MakeBooch.com.

Links to my original, unmodified posts:

2) #vanlife – International Travel and Off-Grid Living

I’m currently traveling from the USA to Brazil in my self-converted Ford Transit van. It took me 5 months to convert the empty cargo van into a mobile home with all the amenities I could ever want while on the road. Now, I write about this trending lifestyle while living it every single day.

3) Specialty Coffee

I’ve hung out at coffee farms in Brazil and Colombia, managed a specialty coffee roastery, and taken loads of courses on processing, roasting, and brewing the good stuff. I’m a total coffee nerd. Don’t believe me? Check out the entire section of this website dedicated to coffee.

A few articles about coffee:

4) GringoLife – Travel in Brazil as a Foreigner

I created this custom WordPress authority site in 2018 to help foreigners (like myself) live and travel in Brazil. I would go on to spend 4 years in the country and write many blog posts before selling this website. I created SEO articles to help travelers find what they were searching for.

Some of the articles currently live on BudgetTravelPlans.com:

What others have said about working with me…

“Alex was great to deal with. The transaction on Escrow was quick and he had all the back files and the domain ready for transfer.”

Scott | Owner @ BudgetTravelPlans.com
(purchased my website Gringo.Life + all posts)

“Great and seamless experience with Alex. He was helpful and efficient in area of engagement I am not familiar in. I highly recommend [working with him].”

Steven | Owner @ MakeBooch.com
(purchased my website BoochLab.com + all posts)

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