Thoughts on being a morning person…

The other day, I told someone I was a “morning person” and definitely not a “night owl”. As I said these words, I felt that uncomfortable sensation in the gut when telling a lie (when you are bad liar like me, that is).

In my head, one either functions better in the morning or at night. Ask someone, and they usually have a preference as to when they like working. They are either one or the other.

But do you have to be one or the other? Why are there two extremes? I’ve personally never heard anyone say that they are both, or neither.

This brings up a question of identity for me. I felt the need to choose a team, to pick a side, even in things that are as meaningless and simple as our energy levels throughout the day…

Is this my human attachment to identities at play? Maybe societal rules with their black and white and absence of the many shades of gray?

Hell, sometimes I am awake and ready to crush whatever is on my to-do list in the early morning. Sometimes I’m groggy.

Sometimes I’m about to go to bed and all of the sudden – BOOM. Energy. I’m going to write that article, fantasize about starting that business, or finish a book on my Kindle.

Other times, there’s no way I am doing anything productive after dinner, even if it’s only 7:00pm.

By no means am I a “morning person” or a “night owl”. I’m just a human being. Sometimes I’m productive at certain times, and sometimes I’m not. It changes and fluctuates, a lot like the rest of life and my “personalities” over the years.

Since doing a Vipassana retreat in July – aka 10 days of silence and 11 hours of meditation per day – I find myself observing my speech a lot more. I’m noticing all my exaggerations and little lies. This is one of them.

Can you relate to this? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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