What I’m doing now…

This is a “now” page, talking about what I am up to currently. I plan to update this every now and then.

As of January 17th, 2023:

I’m on a massive adventure, driving from the USA to Brazil.

Currently, I am in Baja, Mexico, writing this entry from a beach with my van parked in the sand while I sit under the shade from a “palapa”.

These days mainly consist of hiking, paddle boarding, swimming, and meeting other vanlifers that have quickly become friends. Oh, and my girlfriend and I adopted a rescue pup named Paquito from Ensenada just after crossing the border. He’s the best.

We will spend a few more weeks here before taking the ferry to the mainland. We have 6 months on our visas, and we intend to use it all.

So far, Baja has shown us a thriving wine region, incredible remote beaches, warm temps, and loads of sunshine. It’s been the perfect place for #slowtravel and exactly how we imagined “van life”.

With love,

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