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Specialty coffee, from Brazil to you.

*Se você mora no Brasil e quer provar esse café maravilhoso também, eu posso vender por um preço mais barato. R$34 mais entrega. É so entrar em contato comigo com seu CEP e te passo o link para pagar em reais. Obrigado!

Meet Douglas Dutra Vieira, a specialty coffee producer in the mountainous region of Serra do Caparaó, Brazil.

This artisan farmer is responsible for the coffee you will soon enjoy, hand-picking only ripe coffee cherries when they are bright red and dropping them into his hand-woven basket to take down the mountain back to the house. After harvesting the fruits, Douglas works meticulously over the next couple of months separating, washing, sorting, and drying the beans with the help of his family.

You have the unique opportunity to experience a variety of coffee from a family-run, award-winning farm that very few people have access to.

After roasting various samples of green coffee from several producers in this region and tasting the results, I chose this incredible coffee from Douglas’ farm called Fazenda Alegria (which translates to “Farm of Happiness”).

It’s a fitting name. This coffee left me smiling BIG. I tasted something that I have never tasted before.

Now, it’s your turn.

You will receive this organic, 100% arabica coffee from Douglas, who values sustainable farming and producing amazing beans through artisanal work.

If you were here with me visiting Douglas and his family, you would get to see their contagious smiles as they talked about the work they put into making their coffee so great. Waking up early to head to the lavoura (field) and coming back at the end of the day with a 64-liter bag filled to the brim with only the ripest and sweetest coffee cherries.

Connect with the story of these farmers as you enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning.

Grind the beans, release those aromas, and transport yourself to the mountains of Brazil for a brief moment, smelling the jasmine-like scent of the coffee flowers and taking in the views of lush, green mountains with windy dirt roads.

Understand the story behind your coffee, the story of the amazing people that strive to bring the highest quality bean to your daily ritual.

Take that first sip of Brazil, all from the comfort of your home.

Order your package of 250 grams of specialty coffee today, sourced directly from Douglas, who picked and processed the cherries by hand.

This specific coffee is a red catuaí variety, picked at 1,100 meters of altitude at his family’s coffee farm named Sítio Cordilheiras do Caparaó. Douglas processed this coffee naturally, meaning the cherry pulp was left on during the drying process. He also fermented the coffee for 6 days without oxygen before drying them in raised beds.

This gives it a sweetness and flavor that will blow your mind. I won’t go into too much detail here, because I want you to taste this coffee free from expectations and with an open mind. It’s simply something you have to try for yourself.

One thing is for sure: these beans will provide a coffee experience unlike any that you have had before.

There are only 75 bags available of this limited-edition coffee available… roasted, packaged, and shipped personally by me from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The cost is $38 USD, shipped worldwide by mid-November. (The beans will be shipped the day after roasting in bags made to keep out oxygen and odors… so that your coffee will get to you as fresh as possible!)

Experience a bit of Brazil in this special (specialty coffee 😉 ) way.

PS: I travel to Colombia at the end of November, so this is your first and last chance to secure the highest quality Brazilian specialty coffee before I leave.

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